DoToo is one place for all your activities. No matter if you like to play soccer, go cooking or start a speaking group, it’s all possible on DoToo. Are you the person that takes the lead when it comes to doing stuff with your friends or would you rather sit back and get invited by others? In both cases DoToo is the platform of your choosing, find new activities or create and host them yourself.

As an organiser you have full control over your dotoos (activities), you decide how many people can participate and who can participate: anybody or invitees only. Every dotoo has its own message board that can be used to chat with fellow attendees about the activity.


DoToo is completely free to use for non-commercial use. You like to meet new people to play soccer with in the park? You want to go out for dinner with your whole family? DoToo is free for you to use. DoToo makes your life a lot easier without you ever having to pay for it.

Are you hosting paid trainings to your customers for $15,- a class? This way you have a great platform to reach your clients, manage them, update them on any change plus more. All we ask is a small commision fee. This means DoToo works on a no-cure-no-pay base for any business or professional, try it out, if it does not work, you don’t have to pay a thing!

Briefly, if you use DoToo without making money by using it, it’s free to use.

New or existing

DoToo can be used with your existing friends and family, however it can also be used to meet new people. Did you reallocate and ended up in a new environment, or do you have friends who don’t want to join you to that nice party? Use DoToo to meet new people to do cool stuff with!

With DoToo you can plan activities with your friends in a fun and easy way, manage it and talk about it on the message board. This way you don’t have to send thirty messages in order for you to know if they will all attend in tonight’s dinner. You simply send them a dotoo (activity) and everybody knows exactly when, where, what and who. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait and you’ll be updated on who’s coming and who’s not. Any questions about this dotoo in the meantime? No problem, talk about it on the dedicated message board, right where it belongs.

Two or twenty

DoToo can be used by two people or more. You can use it to plan running sessions really easy with a running buddy or use it to find someone to join you to the new Star Wars movie.

Are you more of a group person, no problem! DoToo is ideal for groups, those moments where it took forever to plan or decide stuff with groups belong to the past. With DoToo you can create groups with – for example – your friends or family. On the groups message board you can chat, upload pictures, documents and add a date or text poll. You can send invites for a dotoo to every group member at once after which they can all set their availability. This way you can plan activities per group and have all your pictures, chat and documents in the right place. Groups and dotoos can always be put to private or public. Missing two more people to play soccer with your existing friends? Change the dotoo’s privacy to public and those two remaining spots will be filled by nearby people.

Decide together

DoToo is the platform on which you can easily make decisions with a group of people. On a group’s message board, you can – for example – add a text poll with a few choices like: go running in the forest or go running on the beach? All the group members can now vote on your poll after which you’ll see the outcome. This way you only have to add the poll once and DoToo keeps track of the votes so you can sit back and relax.

Another poll you can add is the date poll which will help you effortlessly pick a date with a group of people. The user that adds one can add a few dates after which the whole group can set their availability for those dates. When a final date is picked you can immediately choose to create a dotoo for that date and invite the whole group. DoToo connects your agenda from your phone with the app whenever you allow this. This way you never have to switch between two apps to see if a specific date fits your agenda.

The times where it took ages to make decisions with a group are over!

Social network

DoToo is a social network where you can build your own profile with a reputation. To make the process of organising, sharing, managing and participating in activities more fun and engaging you can earn trophies when – for example – you complete activities or invite others. Those trophies will help you build a profile as they can be displayed on your profile page! This way other users can see what you’ve done, achieved and what your qualities are.

Each DoToo user can build a reputation by getting reviews from other users and building karma with the karma system. For example, when an activity has been completed, other participators have the opportunity to leave you a review. By getting reviews, other users can see how trustworthy and what kind of a person you are. Trophies that you earn give you positive karma on your profile, this way you can build up your karma level.