Our team

DoToo is located in the heart of Rotterdam, next to Central Station. The team consists of a variety of people: thinkers, designers and off course developers.

CIC Rotterdam

DoToo is located in CIC Rotterdam on the fourth floor of the Groothandelsgebouw. The Cambridge Innovation Center is an inspiring place with a lot of other startups.

Boris Kamp

Boris has an entrepreneurial background, he is responsible for the development of DoToo as a business and as a product. Before he started DoToo with Raymond he has had years of experience with his own web development agency.

Raymond Duijnisveld

Raymond loves to undertake and work out new ideas, he is responsible for the design and marketing of DoToo. Raymond has years of experience in marketing and design with his own creative agency.

Venture Cafe

The Venture Cafe is a well known place in the Groothandelsgebouw. Every Thursday late afternoon CIC hosts a networking event here which attracts hundreds of people from inside and outside of the CIC.

Games room & massage

In the building there is a games and massage room. Once in a while when we want to clear our minds or take a break you can find us here.


Several open kitchens are found in the building. The building is dressed up with a lot of green plants and green walls to boost the atmosphere.

Meeting rooms

CIC has a lot of inspirings meeting rooms that can be used anytime. Those meeting rooms are found everywhere in the building.

DoToo’s office

DoToo’s office offers space for two desks at the moment. DoToo has a lot of opportunity to grow inside the CIC. When time comes we can immediately move to a larger office.