Share dotoos and bugfixing

05 Oct 2018488

This update (view on the App Store) goes together with the release of DoToo Web. The last few week we put a lot of effort in the web application DoToo Web, We do however have an iOS updates as well.

Version: 1.1.0Build: 45Release date: October 4, 2018


  • Share your dotoo! Pres the blue sharing icon in the top right corner. More information


  • The invite users view no longer shows all users by default. You have to search in order for the relevant users to appear.


  • The way a push notification is handled after it is tapped got improved.
  • A dotoo’s category is now correctly displayed in Dutch on the dotoo feeds views.
  • When a dotoo spans multiple days you now correctly see all your calendar entries for those dates on the dotoo detail view.