New way of adding dotoos and copy them.

11 Feb 2019330

You can now add pictures to your dotoos and copy them, super easy to plan some dotoos next to eachother.

Version: 1.3.0Build: 76Release date: February 10, 2019


  • You can now use an existing dotoo as a template for a new dotoo, press ‘Use for new dotoo’ under the ‘More’ button of a dotoo.
  • You can now select which calendars you’d like to use with DoToo. Go to settings -> select calendars.
  • A new section ‘Without start date’ is added to my dotoos and groups dotoo feeds for dotoos without a start date.


  • New way of adding a dotoo, you can now add a picture and not all information is required upfront anymore.


  • Many bugfixes and improvements.