Going to the App Store, database will be erased

22 Aug 2018388

Database will be erased

We plan to release DoToo in the App Store before the week of the third of september. By then, DoToo is finally available for everybody and not only to our TestFlight users.

Before we go to the App Store we’d like to test our latest version on TestFlight for one week. Goal with this is to find as many bugs and other errors and solve them before we go live. This Thursday (23 Augustus) the new version will be available on TestFlight. We kindly ask you to test as thorough as possible as this moment is really important to us.

Because we made some major changes and additions to DoToo, we’d need to erase the database one last time. This means all your data on DoToo platform will be lost, including your profile. if you’d like to save some data such as a dotoo or your profile description, please copy them to you notes or make a screenshot.

You will soon receive a newsletter about the upcoming app update.

For those of you who did receive this newsletter but are not yet taking part in TestFlight, you will get the invite this Thursday.