DoToo Polls and more

15 May 2019441

We have an amazing update, you can now create polls such as date polls, text polls, location polls or combine these. We’ve also added other nice features such as personal notes to sent with a dotoo invitation.

DoToo Poll

We are really excited with the new DoToo poll feature we’ve finally released.

The DoToo poll is a tool that can be used to research an opinion of a group of people or easily make a decision with a group of people. With DoToo poll it’s very easy to decide on:

  • When do we go out for dinner? You can propose dates that people can vote on (date poll).
  • What would you like to focus on during bootcamp class: strength or endurance (text poll).
  • Where do we go to on holiday: Spain or Italy (location poll).

A poll consists out of multiple options people can vote on. You can let people vote on your poll by sharing it with other people. For each option you create (option A, option B etc) you can make use of the three elements individually or combined: dates, text and location.

For a detailled description on a poll see this article

Add a personal note to a dotoo invitation

After some great feedback we’ve decided to make it possible to add a personal message when inviting people for your dotoo. This personal message is sent with the invitation email the people you invite receive. Adding this personal message gives your invitation a personal touch and stand out compared to the default invitation email they receive when not adding a personal message.


Next to these great features we now also show the email address you used to invite somebody on in the dotoo’s attendees list. This way you can always see which email address your invite went to after you sent it.

We’ve also fixed various bugs and did a bit of restyling on the my notifications tab.

Version: 1.5.0Build: 106Release date: May 15, 2019


  • Ever had troubles picking a date with a group of people or making a decisions on something else? With our new poll functionality this struggle is in the past!
  • You can now add a personal message to a dotoo invitation, this message is sent in the invitation they receive by email.
  • The email you used to invite a person is now shown in the dotoo’s user list.


  • Various bugfixes and UI improvements.