DoToo Business is now available

26 Apr 2019523

From now on it is possible to feature your company and its dotoos and groups on DoToo. At this moment a business account can only be obtained by requesting it directly with us, this can be done trough chat or by sending us an email. With a business account:

  • You have your business featured on DoToo with it’s own page. On this page users can view the business’s dotoos and groups together with some general information about the business.
  • You can create dotoos and groups as a business, your business is always clearly displayed with the dotoo or group.
  • You can make other users admin of your business, this way they can create dotoos and groups for the business as well.
  • You can make other users admin of an individual dotoo or group. Doing this allows them to manage that individual dotoo or group together with you.
  • You can set a price for a dotoo (payment will follow soon).

In the near future more will be added such as payments, sms lists, integration with your own existing website and way more.

Do you have a club, restaurant, charity or any kind of business where stuff is planned and communicated externally or internally? Shoot us a message and we’d love to give you more information because this is far from all.

DoToo business is now available for iOS, Android will follow within 1-2 weeks.

Version: 1.4.0Build: 98Release date: April 26, 2019


  • Business accounts! You can now request a business account for your business. You will start seeing business dotoos and groups, they are clearly indicated with a logo and verified icon.


  • Pressing the plus button at the bottom of the screen now gives you the option to create a dotoo or a group.
  • Several design improvements.


  • Several bugs fixed.