Big updates over the past weeks

08 Apr 2019579

The past weeks we have been busy with some promising updates, it is now possible to invite users by email, post attachments on the messageboards and a lot more!

New invite screen

Last month we completely rebuild the invite screen (screen where you can invite users for your dotoo or group). The invite screen now:

  • Shows your favorite users by default
  • Makes it possible to invite people from your device’s contacts list by email.
  • Makes it possible to add people by manually entering their email, you can choose to save them to your device’s contacts list as well.
  • Searches for users that have an account and people from your contacts list.

People that you invite by email get a personalised email with a unique link that points to your dotoo on our web app. When they open the link their information such as email and name is prefilled so they can set their availability for your dotoo right away. No account creation needed!

Messageboard new features

We have been busy working on the messageboard, you can now:

  • Post pictures
  • Post documents
  • Press a message for a second to show several options:
    • Delete your own post.
    • View the profile of the user.
    • Sent a text post by email to everyone in the dotoo / group. This makes sure it’s seen by everybody.
    • Copy the text of a post to your clipboard.

We’re currently handling a file size limit of 25 mb and it is not yet possible to upload every type of file, however we increase this over time. Video support will be added soon as well.

Default landing page

You can now determine on which tab (page) you’d like the app to launch by default. Go to menu -> settings to view this option. You can set it to launch by default on the:

  • Public feed (how it was all the time)
  • My feed
  • Notifications
  • Menu
Version: 1.3.7Build: 88Release date: April 4, 2019


  • You can now upload documents to the message boards! Uploading photo’s to the message board was already introduced last week.
  • You can now set where to go by default when you launch the app. You can do this from the settings section found in the menu.
  • You can now sent your own message board text posts by email. This way you’re sure everybody receives it. Do this by long-pressing a text message.


  • Several bugfixes and UI improvements

Previous releases

We’re sorry we did not write updates on the previous releases. If you’d like to see what else has changed please see the changelog.