How do I create a poll?

10 May 2019269

If you’re wondering what DoToo poll is, please read this short introduction. At this moment it is only possible to create a poll on the iOS version of the DoToo mobile app.

Create a poll

It is very easy to create a poll, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Enter a main question like ‘When do we go out for dinner?’ or “Where do we go on holiday?’
  2. Create at least two options like ’23rd of april’ and ’30th of april’.

Examples with images are shown below.

Sharing and voting on a poll

You can now create the poll, after creating the poll you can share it with your friends by sharing the link with them. Sharing is done by tapping the share icon in the top right corner of the mobile apps or by copying the link from the share window on the web app.

Everybody with the link can vote on an unlimited amount of options by just providing their first name, the last name is optional. People can vote by logging into their account as well, this has many advantages such as:

  • The polls you voted on will always be accessible from your ‘my feed’ page.
  • You can change your votes as long as the poll is open for voting.

People who just vote with their name do not have all the polls they voted on in one place, they always have to lookup the link shared with them to view the poll. Those people can also change or undo their votes as long as they use the same browser and did not clear their browsing data. Their ‘user’ information is saved in the browser, as long as it’s there they can vote under the same user, when it’s gone they have to enter their name again.

Close a poll

A poll can be closed by it’s admin. Closing a poll prevents anybody from voting or changing their votes from then on. A poll cannot be opened again after it has been closed by the admin. A poll can be closed by tapping the pencil icon in the top right corner of the mobile apps when viewing the poll as an admin.

Create poll examples

Mixed elements in options, first screenshot

In the first example you’ll see 4 options created with mixed elements, the first option has all three elements, the last two do not. This is perfectly fine although it might be clearer for users to see the same elements across all options.

Date elements only in options, second screenshot

In the second example you’ll see five examples with just one single element: a date. This way the poll can be used as a date picker! If you want you could add a location to each of the options to show the restaurant you’re planning to go to.

Text elements only in poll options, third screenshot

In the third screenshot you’ll see four options all with just text set, no date and not location. This example is for a bootcamp trainer who asks his class what they would like to train in the next bootcamp class.

A poll with mixed elements in the options
A poll with date elements only, this results in a date picker.
A poll with text elements only, this results in a simple a-b-c choice poll.


As you can see, many use cases can be solved with the DoToo poll, please try it out and let us know what you think of it.